Corrugated and Paper


Variety of standard sized boxes in both double and single wall

Westsell can offer a huge range of both standard sized boxes in double and single wall to a full-bespoke design service, depending on your requirements.

If you require a specific size we can also provide the exact dimensions you need – from printed boxes to display cases.

Many pallets with fragile loads may require cardboard edge protectors to avoid damage from transit or to avoid box crushing when wrapped. Cardboard edge protectors are available in a range of sizes and lengths. Please call us for more details.

Paper products:

  • Standard “off the shelf” box sizes available
  • Bespoke size and design service including printing
  • Bespoke POS display boxes and cases.
  • Single faced corrugated rolls from 350mm – 1800mm
  • Specialist papers and card sheets cut to size
  • Tar paper sheets and rolls can help prevent moisture seeping from a damp wooden pallet into your valuable product
  • Cardboard pallet edge protectors
  • Much much more