Reduce your carbon footprint

Westsell are continually looking for environmentally friendly options to offer our customers. We have a range of options available that can help reduce your carbon footprint as well as help save the environment for the future generations. You can do your part by switching your packaging items to our greener alternatives.

From 2022 there is also the introduction of the plastic tax. The government initiative will implement a tax of £200 a tonne on any plastic that contains less than 30% recycled content. Westsell have many options available that include this recycled content. Please ask us for more details on how we can save you money on 2022 the plastic tax.

Biobased or PCW Stretch Films:

Biobased high performance Stretch Wrap films can contribute to the sustainability of your business with a 90% lower CO2 footprint in comparison to conventional Stretch films. With more than 50% renewable content, the films are made from the residual flows of sugar production.

Biofilm is produced with microlayer technology that results in a particularly strong and flexible film for optimal load security and retention. This gives a high tear resistance and can allow for reduced consumption.

PCW films contain 30% recycled content.

R2 Adhesive Tapes:

Introducing R5 Printed Polypropylene tape, containing 34%

Recycled material, delivering a reduction of 18% in CO2

emissions compared to standard tape.

High performance with low environmental impact.

100% Recycled content PP films*

Westsell can have your bags and films made with a 100% recycled material. Not only does this comply with the 2022 plastic tax it also reduces environmental impact by reducing the use of virgin polymer materials. We are also able to add a 30% recycled content to Virgin SWS material that are used for shrink applications.

*100% regran materials are not suitable for direct food contact.