Machine Stretch Film


Standard films through to a complete range of power pre-stretch

From the most popular standard films through to a complete range of Power Pre-Stretch and Nano Films, Westsell Limited can offer them all.

Why not consider testing one of the latest Power Pre-stretched products to see if this is appropriate for your application?

We can offer the latest in stretch film technology; including Multi-layer Nano Machine Films, Biodegradable Films and Machine stretch wraps, incorporating 30% recycled material. These films will not only improve your eco credentials, but can also help with meeting the requirements for the 2022 plastic tax.

Recent trials have shown that thinner films of a higher quality and performance can significantly reduce the cost of pallet stabilisation. Why can offer a free stretch wrap audit on your product and machine to maximise your load retention, as well as creating savings over your current film.

Please call us to book your stretch wrap audit now. FREE OF CHARGE!